Why Horn?​

Horn is a highly versatile, sustainable organic material with a wide variety of grains, colours and  translucence. It can be either cool or warm, raw or polished and pairs well with colour or metals. This natural variation can make many pieces of the same design unique.

Who’s it for?​

All these designs have been tried and tested in our shop in Luang Phrabang. Over the nine years we’ve been here we have noticed most of our customers are professional ladies in their 30’s upwards. Both men and women often buy our jewellery as gifts. Many are initially attracted to the colours and designs and are surprised to learn the principle material is horn, which adds to the appeal.

Where It's From​

Shaman’s Boat is an offshoot of our retail outlet, Montagne, that myself and my wife have run for 10 years. About five years ago, uninspired by the horn jewelry we had in the shop, I began to design my own. After much testing and feedback 2019 is the year we start distributing these items worldwide. The custom made parts we have manufactured in a small family compound in a village in North Vietnam while the more universal parts and findings we pick up in Thailand. The packaging is still being organised but I’m hoping for recycled materials. Final assembly and finish is done here in Laos before quality control and shipping.

Recently, Shaman’s Boat joined Common Objective, a movement dedicated to sustainable fashion. Please visit https://www.commonobjective.co/shaman-s-boat for more information.

Small Orders, Better Quality​

Postage from Laos is expensive for single items. As such it makes more sense to ship bulk orders directly to retailers. With this in mind I’d like to build up a widespread but personal network of individual boutiques and small chains in as many countries as I comfortably can. Small orders of 20 + of each design ensure no-one overstretches and quality is maintained. Larger orders (100 +) are possible but please allow more time for quality control.

Try Shaman's Boat​

Are you an independent business looking for small orders of something special? This site was made with you in mind. Our ambition is to supply small volumes of high quality original designs at reasonable prices to the people who appreciate them. If you would like to stock this beautiful horn jewelry and need more information, please get in touch.


Wholesale only. Minimum order $400 USD. Free EMS shipping for orders over 5 kg.